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Rider Updates

Jul 10 2014

Completed FCA Camp July 45&6  it was Awesome, exceptional experience with pros and worship.

Jun 29 2014

Can't wait Doc said I could ride again around the 2 July, ready to go sick of sitting

Jun 25 2014

Followed up Freestone with another bad week, crashed in practice fractured collar bone again.


Jun 17 2014

Got hit, ran over and taken out of the regionals, Real bummer Started out 13th overall thought I had it made. Keppin chin up and get ready for next year.

Jun 9 2014

Looking forward to the South Central Regional's Jun 14&15 2014 at Freestone

May 24 2014

Had my best race ever at Norman, super excited about the #1

Apr 22 2014

Was sick but still rode the best I could. and had fun

Apr 17 2014

Bike repaired, plus Mom & Dad bought me a new 2014 SXS for a backup and a 2012 Sx for practice.

Apr 15 2014

April 12th and 13th lost top end in bike barley made gates each time

Apr 7 2014


Raced a new series ,  Sooner series Sunday, Placed 1St and 2 nd , lots of great competition

Mar 31 2014

Super racing this weekend. Won my first Oklahoma State Championship Series #1 and leading the points.

Mar 19 2014

Bikes are ready for racing this weekend. New hole shot device on the 85 is awesome

Mar 17 2014

Spring Break, Get to ride every day

Mar 13 2014

OSCS canceled, so ran practice at AMP. Improved my lap times on the mile from 1.24 down to 1.19

Mar 3 2014

Thanks Decal Works new graphics are super cool.

Mar 2 2014

1st AMP Spring Series was awesome, looking for forward  to 1st OSCS next weekend.

Mar 1 2014

Had to work hard but got Math grade back up to B, can't wait to race today

Feb 26 2014

Got to get my math grade up to a B by Friday, or I won't get to start the new AMP Spring Series

Feb 26 2014

Starting new spring series this weekend, on new track AMP in Stillwater Ok

Feb 24 2014

Finished the Stillwater Mini X series with 65cc 9=11, 65cc open, 85cc 9-11 with Championship and the 85cc 12-16 open 2nd overall. awesome 6 round series.

Feb 17 2014

Had super day at Dallas Super Cross, got to meet with Ryan Dungey. Asome

Feb 11 2014

Headed to Dallas Super cross this weekend

Feb 8 2014

Can't wait for the cold to break and get back to racing

Jan 29 2014

Looking forward to more National races this year.


Jan 27 2014

Raced the new Amp Track in Stillwater Ok this pass weekend it was awesome

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