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Personal History

     My name is Dylan Jeffrey Buck. I am 14 years old and I just started riding dirt bikes. I have been riding Quads since I was 3 but there aren't very many avenues for racing Quads and many of the local racing organizations don't have a class for them so I switched over to 2 wheels and am having a blast. I have only raced 2 races on my Honda CRF 150R and I came in 1st at my first race and 2nd place at my second race. It is so fun to race. I love the competition on the tracks and most of the guys I race with are my friends and we get along great off the track.

    My dad helps me out the most and with the economy in such a bad shape it has been hard to keep racing every race we can. We are hopeing that our new business, TOY FXR Motorsports, will get us back on track financially so we can start hitting every race. That is why sponsorships are so important right now for us so we can get the parts and supplies we need. We have to save money every way we can.


Riding Goals

   We are starting a new series on August 28th & 29th and hope to do well in that series. I will be starting the series on my Honda CRF 150R but will hopefully switch to my RMZ 250F a few races in. We still need to rebuild the tranny on the RMZ. After I get on the RMZ, my dad said that he wants to get me as much training on the bike as possible. Also he wants me to get alot of seat time.

Competitive Highlights

   I don't have alot competitions under my belt but the best one would be last weekend, August 14th we did a Arena Cross in my home town and I rode awesome. Even got the Holeshot in the 2nd moto. It was neat hearing all my friends chear for me and the announcer saying my name was cool also. I raced in the 85cc beg. class.I lead for 4 of the 5 laps but got passed on the last lap. I was totally stoked. So much fun...