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Personal History

My name is Dustin Fore and I am 16 years old.  I have been racing motocross for 10 years.  I started when I was just about 7 years old on a 60cc Kawasaki.  I am currently riding a Suzuki supermini and a 125.  Besides motocross, my other hobbies include hunting and fishing.  I have 1 sister named Jenna and she is currently attending college to be a chiropractor.  Along with my mom and dad, I live in a small town in East Central Minnesota called Brook Park.  I have a 1.1 mile motocross track on the property, which is where I do most of my training.  When I started racing motocross, I never would have believed that I could make it to Loretta Lynn's National because I started on 60's instead of 50's like most of the kids.  With hard work and dedication, I pushed myself to become one of the best racers in the country, and have made it to Loretta Lynn's 2 years in a row.

Riding Goals

My goals for the coming year include purchasing 2-250F's and competing in the 125 Jr. and 125B classes.  With help from sponsors, I hope to attend some of Shannon Niday's classes, as well as race at Lake Whitney, Oak Hill, and the Mini O's.  My goal is to finish in the top 10 at each of these tracks.  I intend to promote my sponsors with professionalism and integrity.

Competitive Highlights

Currently, I race in the State of Minnesota and compete in District 23.  I am currently running in 1st place in the Supermini and Schoolboy classes.  I also race the Central Minnesota Series, where I am also running in 1st in the Supermini class and 2nd in the Schoolboy class.  In 2007, I worked hard so that I could make it to Loretta Lynn's, and I did!  I accomplished the same goal for myself in 2008!  I had some bad luck with my bike, but I was running lap times with the top 15.