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Personal History

My name is Dustin Evans. I am 30 years old and was born and raised in Ravenna Michigan. My family has been in racing my entire life including snowmobile drag racing, stock car and sprint car racing on dirt, motorcycle drag racing, and motocross. I fell in love with motocross at the age of three and it has been my passion ever since. I am now a father and have two children of my own following in my footsteps. I absolutely love the sport but it is very taxing on the body and the bank account. Over the course of the last five years I have been plagued with injuries to my shoulders knees and ankles. It’s starting to take a toll on my body but my passion is far too great to stop riding. I appreciate any support I can get. Ride on! ✊

Riding Goals

My riding goals for the remainder of the 2021 and all of the 2022 season is to stay healthy and rebuild my fundamental and technical skills.

Competitive Highlights

In 2016 I was leading points in two of my classes and was third in points in my third class until late August. I had a decent points buffer and was on my way to a state championship in two classes. I lined up for my last Moto of the day and got tangled up on the holeshot with a few gentleman which resulted in a massive concussion and put a foot peg through the side of my knee. I have been plagued with injury every year since. I am hoping for a good, solid, healthy 2022 season of racing.