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Personal History






My Name is Dustin Sharp.  I am 35 years old.  I've been racing MX since I was 11.  I had a choice to go to college or try and make it in the pros.  Chose the smarter path but regret it from time to time.  Motocross has always been and always will be my passion.  Typical story, met a girl, decided she was the one, got married and now we have a beautiful son! (The next MX'r).  Now, for the past couple years, I've been able to start riding again and this year I'm finally back into racing 100%! In 2010, I took 1st in state (MI) in the Vet sport Class.  I've won every race I've attended in the Great Lakes MX Mideast Championship.  I started in the Vet class to get me feet wet again.  I entered in a few +30 A class's and won.  Broke my back in 2011. Finally ready to race again and am going full throttle into this 2016 year!! I will be racing +30 A and 35+.  I hope to get some help from some of the MX companies, as we all know, motocross is not cheep! My 6 yr. old boy (Ryken) will be riding this year as well!  Getting him some help would be great!  Trying to stay on top of the game while taking care of a family isn't the easiest, but I'll never stop trying!  :) 

Cheers, and Keep it on 2. 

Thank you for your time,

Dustin Sharp

2016 YZ450F

2016 YZ250X

Riding Goals

In 2010 I set a goal to get 1st in state in the Vet sport Class.  And I've met that goal.

In 2011, AMA moved me to A Class! I will move up to +30 A and try my hardest to take 1st in state again. I broke my back 2 races into the season. For 2016, I expect myself to race respectively and set my sites solely on my sons upcoming MX career!   I also want to make a goal toward my family.  I have not been 100% dedicated to them.  My mind has been solely on MX, so this year; I will try to meet both side of the fence, respectively.  Sponsorships would help out more than you know!  

Without sponsorships, this will not be easy.  Money is a big issue, not laying down a sob story, but I've been known to cash in all my coins and bottles just to go racing for the day knowing I should be buying food instead. (Food can go on a credit card.  Racing, you need cash!)  ;)



Competitive Highlights

Well, I've dominated my class in 2010.  I even lapped the entire field, including 2nd place.  So, needless to say, I haven’t had much competition that year.  Although, I've been lucky to have more than one class drop with me, and I've had some of the best racing in my life with 1st place in 250B, 30+A, and 450B.  Last weekend at the Otsego 45 min grand prix race, I battled with guys from +25A and +30A.  I really had to push myself to finish the race while keeping the pace up for 45min.  I was very happy with myself.

Getting Bumped to A class is very exciting!  I cant wait for this season!