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Personal History

I love to dirtbike race. I am active with honor society at school. My parents tell me I must keep good grades to keep racing so I try my best at school to get the best grades. I am outgoing and like meeting new freinds / families with similar interests. I love to go camping and hang out with my family and friends. I am currently racing in idaho, Utah, and Washington.

My dad tells me if I pay attention and try my best then he will always support me, so I strive to always improve and of course pay attention.

I am very passionate, focused and confident at the sport I am involved with.


Riding Goals

To beat my biggest competiter, Trevyn Irby, who is very good at motorcross and my buddy.

Currently racing in the, RMX series north and south, Washougal, Mammoth, PVR series, and OMC series. My goal for these series and races is to try my best and learn to keep getting better.

In school to be a good role model and get straight A's.

Help my parents with more chores around the home.

Help my dad with the maintenace and mechanic side of our dirtbikes.

Competitive Highlights

champion of the first ever Idaho supercross in 2011 for my age group

champion of the OMC Summer series for 2011 for my age group

Third place for the first race of the RMX series for this year (but i will step it up)

The star quarterback for my football team and the leader of my basketball team

Champion of Rmx north series for 2013 for my age group

Champion of OMC series for 2013 for my age group