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Personal History

I started riding dirt bikes when I was 6. Started out on a pw80 then I upgraded to a yz80 when I was 9. Both bikes broke around the same time I learned how to ride it. Then we never had the money to fix them so I didn't ride until I was 19. I bought a 97 cr250 and had that for a few months, slapped some numbers on it and was going to race. The weekend before the race it blew up and I didn't have the money to fix it so I sold it as is. A year later I bought a 2011 kx250f. Rode that at the local track a few times. Didn't have much money so had to sell to get a down payment for our new place. Now I've had a 2017 kx250f for almost 3 years now and I love it and have ridden at the local track a few times but mainly ride at private tracks and sand dunes.

Riding Goals

Train hard enough to be a decent A or B rider.