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Personal History

My name is Dominic.  I have been racing since I was 4 years old.  I started on a Yamaha PW  then a Cobra P3 onto a Cobra 50jr this year a Cobra 50 and a KTM 65.  I have been to Loretta Lynn Nationals on the Yamaha PW50 and the Cobra 50's  I started racing because my brother Anthony (742) races.  I love to race but I love to win.  Being in second is just being the first loser and losing is not where I want to be.  I had a few bad crashes and injuries caused me to miss a lot of races.  I stopped racing when I was on 85's and I have been away from the sport for about 4 years.  I now ride a 250 and 125.  I'm currently training at Millsap Training Facility (MTF) in Georgia.  My goal is to go to Loretta's and Win.  Being back on the bike is great and my speed is there looking forward to an injury free year.

Riding Goals

Loretta Lynn Nationals

Injury free this year

Race as many races as I can and win

Competitive Highlights

Loretta Lynn Nationals  2010 & 2011

CNYMRA  District 3

USMX Series