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Personal History

I started riding at 11 and started racing at 13. Most of my riding time is pure practice. Most of my time off the bike is on a pedal bike hitting some homemade doubles and such. My trainer is my dad which is really good. You can count on him hitting all the jumps at the track and helping me with a few

Riding Goals

My short term goal is to get 1 in the overall points lead this season. My long term goal is to qualify and race a pro race. Next year I want to podium all races in the 125cc class

Competitive Highlights

This season I have finished in the top 5 every race this season. I have got 2nd, two 3rd places, and the rest are mostly 4th with one 5th. I am in the group of riders that hits a jump or the  rhythm section. One race was just me and another hitting the full rhythm section