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Personal History

My name is Devin Eskridge ,

I am a 25 year old tattoo artist / shop owner in Louisville Kentucky 

My wife and I love to travel and and seek out new opportunities 

My main interest is merging the two things I love most ( tattooing / content creating ) and Dirtbikes ! Anytime I can mix them into one it's good day ! 

Riding Goals

I'd say my main for reason for riding is the good time and people it brings into my daily life ! 
I love the competitive side of things, rather it's with strangers or my best friends .. Pushing eachother to do something cool and being stoked for one another is what it's about ! 
As well as the opportunity it brings me to share and expand my buisness along with my friends businesses as well. It's a great marketing tool for me with the tattoo buisness ! 

These next few years I would love to get connected with a few company's that Im a fan of and use that to build a relationship that down the road allows us to both help eachother grow ! My love for content creating is more what I'm looking to build with as appose to track results . 

Competitive Highlights

I would have to say my best accomplishments came this year 

I was able to partner up with AMA SUPERCROSS riders 

Logan karnow - Henry Miller - and Josh Cartwright to create there designs for there clothing brands that helped them find some of the racing this season ! 
Along with reaching a new social media following including 

TikTok:Deskridgetattoos / 45.5k followers

IG : Deskridgetattoos : eskridgedevin / 9.7k followers combined