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Personal History

Well my name is Devin.  I live in southern Maryland.  Also am a volunteer fireman in two different county and a national certified Emt. I enjoy helping other but riding dirt bike is my hobby for myself. I have been riding trails since I was 10. I gave up riding for 4 years while I was getting married. Now a father of 2 girls got back into riding and racing to get my daughters into a hobby outside of dance lol.  I started in late 2017 riding on trails but also tracks like budds creek which is about 30 min from me.  We have a group of 4 guys that ride together and travel to different event. 

Riding Goals

I am comfortable with racing hare scamblers but would like to in 2019 race motocross circuit at least half the season.  I have a local motocross team that lives next door to me I have been practicing with they also have a personal track.  The goal is to get to the point I am

not finishing last when I start my first race