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Personal History

I am 11 years old. This year I raced in the 85cc 9-11 class, and supermini/open mini 11-16 classes.

I raced in the Royal Mountain Supercross series, AMA D3 series, and Northeast Classic Series.

I Won the 85cc 9-11 championship and placed second in the open mini at Royal Mounbtain SX.

I won the AMA D 3 85cc 9-11, and placed 5th in the open mini.

I placed second in the Northeast Classic 85 cc 9-11 class.

I placed third in the New York State Championship 85cc 9-11.

I race with my father, Mike (+30A), and my brother Jared (10 yrs 65cc, 85cc 9-11).I am well known at  local races, and always represent my sponsors as best as I can. We proudly display our sponsors logos on our bikes, trailer and gear.

Riding Goals

Next Year I will be moving up to big bikes. I will still compete in the open mini on my 105 KTM. I will also be racing an RM 125 in 125 2 stroke, schoolboy, and 125 am classes. I hope to be racing a 250 by the end of the year. I want to win the open mini championship at Royal Mtn(I only lost it by 2 points this year). I don't think we are going to chase points this year, but going to try some bigger races.

Competitive Highlights

This year at Royal Mountain, which is a local Supercross series which draws a large mini turnout and is very competitive, I had a very good year. I easily won the 85cc 9-11, only losing 3 motos out of 24. The Open Mini class, which is usually the most competitive class of the night was a challange. I am only 11, but am racing against kids up to 16 years old. Many of the kids in the class are my friends, and we race hard against each other. I started a little slow in the class, but as the year progressed, I gained confidence til I was winning. I ended up winning the last 4 races in a row, finishing second in points by 2 points. I had 1 mechanical DNF which ended up costing me the title, but I am still very happy finishing second being the youngest in the class.