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Personal History

My name is Dennis Gaston I am 44 years old. I have three sons and a wife. I am a self empolyed contractor. I have been riding for ten pluse year. My oldest son got me into the sport and ever since then i have enjoyed it and i have got one of my other sons into it and he loves it too. I tried to ride just about every weekend that I can. At different types of tracks. We kinda have like a group that go to races together and we try and help each other.

Riding Goals

By the end of next year I would like to improve the place that I placed in the races. I am also wanting to make it to Loretta Lynn. I am open to people telling me about things that I do wrong so that I can correct these as time goes on and so that i can become better skilled and faster.

Competitive Highlights

My accomplishments for this year is that I have made it to the regionals for Loretta Lynn.