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Personal History

Deff Gijsen 9 years old (10/19/2009) riding the Dutch MON championship on a KTM SX65 Big Wheels.

Started riding at the age off 3 and there is only one thing i want to do and that is ride! :)

I have a beatifull easy naturel style and learning and practicing every week.

Things to work on are:

Style, riding everything is very good but sometimes i am to friendly whyle i am racing and i need to believe more in my self that i can compete or are better than a lot off other guy's :)



Riding Goals

After my chamionship this year on september 7 i started to train on my sx85. I Keep pushing and hope to be on the box next year. I will be one off the youngest in my class again next year!


Competitive Highlights

2017 50cc: 4th knmv Dutch Championship and 2th mon Dutch chamionship

2018 65cc small wheels: 3th Dutch mon championship

2019 65cc Big Wheels: MON Dutch champion, BeNeDu cup champion.