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Nowadays, the use of uniforms in most shops, companies and businesses is becoming more and more popular. Each use has its own purpose. And of course if you are a manager or an owner of a restaurant, you should not ignore the restaurant and hotel uniforms below. Before you go through the uniforms, you need to learn about the rules, why and how to choose them. Let's not let you wait long, let's find out right away. Rules for the use of uniforms. For each restaurant, there will be a separate rule, but it is also based on the following basic items: When working, it is mandatory to use uniform according to the standards of the restaurant or hotel. Do not arbitrarily change the size and design of the uniform. Responsible for maintaining the uniforms that have been distributed. Uniforms must be neat, clean and must not have an unpleasant smell that affects customers. Do not use uniforms that are too short or revealing " quần áo gia đình " causing loss of sympathy. The importance of using uniforms at restaurants. Used to advertise the restaurant brand image: Each employee uses it as an advertiser for your restaurant or hotel. Because it is the one that is easiest for customers to see on the body. Create sympathy for customers: When entering a restaurant or hotel, you see the staff and reception here using a good-looking, beautiful uniform that will make customers feel more sympathetic. Help restaurant staff to be more united and cohesive: Using a suit will make the staff feel closer to each other because they do not have the feeling of fear that one person is superior or the other is superior. below. Make it easy for customers to identify: When your restaurant or hotel has its own uniform, each first-time guest will know who they need to call so they can help solve their problem. How to choose the right restaurant or hotel uniform. In a restaurant or hotel, there are different departments such as: Manager, receptionist, wait staff, kitchen... Each department has its own uniform. So when ordering uniforms for your company, your restaurant also chooses to suit each position. Choose a restaurant manager uniform. Management positions are those who belong to the leadership department, so it is necessary to have a suit that shows majesty, maturity and prestige, especially to honor the style of a manager. You should choose types such as vests, shirts are the most suitable types of shirts. Particularly for women, it can be combined with a tight skirt or long trousers. Men should wear western shoes combined with trousers. This will make you more mature. Can be combined with a tie.

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Most of the receptionists in Vietnam will usually be Female, because in this position they are the one who will contact the customers first and also the one who will have to answer the questions and concerns of the customers, so they need a the person talks softly, the voice is as smooth as pouring honey into the ear to make customers feel sympathetic at first sight. For women, it is often advisable to choose waist-hugging shirts to show a woman's figure, besides adding a vest, bow tie, etc. If it's a man, the combination of a shirt, trousers, shirt Outer vest, tie and western shoes are the perfect combo. The first thing the service staff is comfortable with is because they are people who often have to travel. But it is also necessary to be polite because they are also the people who most often interact with customers. Usually, you should choose a T-shirt for your uniform or a shirt made of khaki fabric, which is comfortable and polite. If it is a shirt, you can combine additional pockets on the sides and a small apron wrapped around your hips to facilitate movement and work. If you are a cafe owner, you can see more uniforms for the cafe. You can see more in the shirt model below. Referring to housekeeping " may đồng phục nhà hàng " you can immediately imagine that it is an extremely important person because they are the main part to keep the hygiene of your restaurant or hotel. Although this department rarely interacts with customers, it is also necessary to be polite and neat. For this type of uniform, you can choose a thin fabric, no need to wear shoes, creating comfort. The shirt can be selected with shirt style, but standing collar like that will create a neater feeling. Should be combined with long pants, should not use skirt. What kind of uniform should the kitchen department wear? Although it is a department that almost never comes into contact with customers, with the development of today, there are many restaurants that want to confirm the quality of their dishes by letting the chefs cook directly. at the table and let customers enjoy the hot dishes as well as the skill of the chef. Therefore, when interacting with customers, the chef also needs to have an appropriate suit. Should choose simple, clean clothes next to good fabrics to avoid being damaged by grease or heat of fire. A chef's usual combo includes Austria