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Personal History

5yr old kid rocking a mullet and flying the American flag on my chest protector. Put 100% into every race. I started racing last year. I am a track legend in the making every track I go to a make new friends and everyone knows me when I show up. I would be a great rep for Companies since I have so many followers and friends! I have a Instagram @daxten_smith422 it is growing like crazy and could give some huge shout outs on there as well. My local track is moto541 in Medford Or which brings in an average of 250-300 riders every race. I race all over the west coast with my sister and dad we are a moto family and always at the track somewhere.

Riding Goals

Win a Loretta Lynn qualifier with my sister and my cousin and compete with the best in the world. Continue to get better and faster and have fun doing it.

Competitive Highlights

I currently just won the triple 7 series championship for the 50cc class. Won a couple first places and some 2nd places in that series as long as some hole shot awards which made me win the championship!