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Personal History

I come From a Long Chain of Family Racers. My Grandpa used to Race for the las Vegas Police Department in Las Vegas for Nascar. My Stepdad also has some Beneficial Backrounds, of Racing Razor 1000's, and Trophy Trucks! I love to Race my Quad and Dirtbike On our Local Desert Hills! My other hobbies include Computer Technology, Website Creation, and Programming. I've been riding since I was 5, but I am Just starting to Begin my Adventure through Offroad Racing. I work Weekly on My Skills TO help me Acheive my Hard Worked Goals!

Riding Goals

Never stop Doing what you Love

Use as Many Advantages That You Can Get

To Become Better and Better as My Racing Career Develops

A Fresh Start is a Good One, Because you can learn from other People's Mistakes, and Make Sure You Will Never Make The Same One Again!

Competitive Highlights

I am New to Competitive Racing, But I'd Love to say that I've Done it Before!