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Rider Updates

Apr 8 2016

Two races into the 44th season of TCCRA and my first season in the expert class and I couldn't be happier.  Finished 4th in my first expert class race and 2nd in my second expert class race putting me tied for 2nd in the season points.  I'm working out hard and really pushing the limits and hoping for a successful season.  BRAAAAAP!

Nov 1 2015

Ran my first national at the GNCC Ironman in Crawfordsville, IN.  Couldn't be happier with the results from my first national event.  Finished 9th out of 21 in the Super Senior B (45+) and 172 overall out of 770 riders in the program.  I made a couple of mistakes and could have possibly finished a couple positions ahead, but overall, I am very happy with my performance.

Sep 27 2015

Fourth race on the YZ250FX and pulled out another win.  Was 2nd off the start, quickly made the pass into the lead and pulled away.  Having an awesome 2nd half of the season, unfortunately it doesn't look like I will be able to catch the points leader unless he has a DNF.  Also looks like my lap times from the past 4 races have me on the bump radar.....boooo

Sep 13 2015

3rd race on my YZ250FX and it has yet to disappoint.  I pulled out the win and felt like I was on rails.  That's 2 wins and a 3rd on the new bike.  Can't wait for the next race.

Aug 23 2015

First cross-country race on my new YZ250FX and I couldn't be happier.  I won my class, past most riders in the 3 rows in front of me, and ended the day as the fastest Intermediate Rider of all classes.  I worked out hard all summer, rode many, many miles in Colorado and at our local riding areas, and I am super pumped on how my new YZ-FX handles.  The suspension and balance of this bike is amazing and can't wait for next weekend!

Aug 3 2015

Made a huge change.  I have bled orange for since 2008 but just bought a new Yamaha YZ250FX.  Really excited to see Yamaha step up and make a cross-country racing machine.  I hope it works out.

Jul 25 2015

Just returned from a week long adventure of riding in Taylor Park, Colorado.  My 3rd year.  It is a dirt bikers heaven riding the single track of the Gunnision/ Crested Butte, Colorado area.

Jun 28 2015

Raced the Golden Eagle Enduro in Oklahoma this weekend.  Was only my third try at an Enduro, but was needing some seat time so we made the trip.  Enjoyed riding with my buddies on the line.  Rode 60 miles in the heat and finished 2nd in the Over 40 B class.  Was a decent ride.

May 3 2015

Finally a dry race on a virgin track.  Track was fast and flowing but did not have any blue lines to allow separation.  I was 3rd off the start, ran 3rd the entire race and finished 3rd.  Got faster each lap, but just couldn't gain on the leaders.  All and all, I had a good ride and track was fun.

Apr 19 2015

Another mud race for our 4th race of the season.  10 riders on the line, started mid-pack and climbed into 3rd and had caught 2nd just before the finish.  Was a decent run considering the track conditions.  Ready for a dry race!

Apr 5 2015

This was the make-up date for TCCRA 4301 that was postponed due to weather.  Track was awesome on Saturday, but Saturday night/Sunday morning the rain came.  Track crew worked all morning re-routing the track due to the impassable conditions.  

I got the hole shot, then fell to third, then got stuck on a hill climb in one of the muddy ravines which was covered with riders.  Buried the bike and couldn't push it up the hill so I had no choice but to go back down into the quicksand section leading up to the hill.  With riders stuck all over the area, no open lines, and just recently had to spend so much money rebuilding by bike, I decided to call it a day and use this race as my drop.

I hate to use my drop for weather, but it just worked out that way for this event.


Mar 29 2015

TCCRA 4302 Update - Got pinched off on the start causing me to be last through the first turn.  Climbed my way from 11th to finish 4th.  Battled for 3rd for the last 8 miles but wasn't able to make the pass.  Track was rough and slick and I wasn't able to find my groove and with the poor start, was just trying to ride smart and salvage as many points as possible for the day.  Although I got 4th for this race, I moved into 2nd in the points standings after 2 races.

Mar 15 2015

TCCRA 4302 started our season and it was a wet muddy technical track.  I was running fast today and led most of the race, then started experiencing engine troubles.  My engine seized about 100 yards from the finish, so I pushed the bike to the checkers.  As a result, I lost the lead but still finished 3rd out of 8 riders.  

So I was very happy with my speed today and to finish 3rd with a blown engine I guess is a good day.  Although expensive!  I guess they say you win the championship on your bad days.  Hopefully this was it!

Feb 28 2015

The first race of our 2015 TCCRA series has been postponed due to ice/snow storm in the DFW area.  Bummed, been working out twice-a-day preparing for the season opener.  On the flip side, I guess that gives me 2 more weeks to be more ready!

Feb 23 2015

Elected not to race the final race in the 2014/2015 TORO season.  Practiced Saturday and had the bike set-up dialed in, then race day turned into a major rain day.  Since I was in the points and the TCCRA season opener only 1 week away, I decided to save my bike and not risk injury 1 week before the season opener.

I am hoping to contend for the TCCRA 2015 O38I Championship.

Feb 1 2015

TCCRA Sign-Up's for the 2015 season were yesterday.  Looks like I will be moving to the Over 38 Intermediate Class for the 2015 season.  Hoping for a solid year and just maybe pull off winning the jacket!

Oct 20 2014

Completed the TCCRA 2014 Series in 2nd.  Was only 2 points from winning the Championship.  That was close.  Maybe next year!

Oct 16 2014

Currently the points leader after 11 races for the 2014 TCCRA series.  1 race to go to determine class championship.  I only have a 4 point lead over 2nd so I have a tough race this Sunday.

Oct 16 2014

Finished 2nd the the TORO 2013/2014 Winter Series.  Feeling good and getting faster.

Dec 12 2010

Ran my 3rd race back from injury.  Changed my goal for this race to run a steady pace in order to finish the full distance and to run consistant lap times.  I met my goal, ran the full 1 hour and 50 minute distance with each lap within 20 seconds of each other.  But I am still waiting on the wrist strength and endurance to come back so I can pick up the speed.  I ended up finishing 9th out of 10 riders.