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Personal History

I love to ride motocross we in fact have a track on our property. I grew up on a quad and switch to a bike around 8. I had a Honda 50 then in 2010 I upgraded to a cr 70. I then in 2013 switch to a kawasaki 85 2 stroke. I ridea my bike everyday after school till dark to get all practice in as possible but I just recently got serious into it.

Riding Goals

I would like to push to my goal in becoming really good. I don't necessarily expect to go pro, because that is shooting to the moon. My brother and I have some good frienods that ride with us alot and there pretty good and they push us. They have said we are getting better and that we might end up better than them. I do hope to be better than them and push to my goal.

Competitive Highlights

I have only raced two races and river valley in river valley, arkansas. When my brother and I wentered racing there I didby get first I got second both races although we were racing in beginning class.