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Personal History

Been riding since I was 8 years old, always wanted to race.

Just finished the Austin Area Championship Series( my 1st race) Missed 1st race of 4 thinking I was not prepared enough.

Placed 5th in 2nd race, 4th in 3rd race, 3rd in last race for a 5th overall in points for the series.

I got to podium and it felt great.

I could have easily placed 3rd overall with just a 7th or 8th in the 1st race. I will not miss a race again.

I am in the best cardio shape I've been in since I was a teenager. cross fit with a trainer twice a week and motocross weekends.


Riding Goals

My goal is to stay fit and increase my speed.

I want to podium the next series again.

I am really aiming for 3rd or better overall.