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Personal History

I was introduced to motorcycles by my Father before I could ride a bicycle. I was racing by the age of 7 but it was just something to do with my Father. The competitive drive came later. I spent time racing Karts next and then came BMX. I was now a very competitive racer. I spent many years away from competition but finally returned around 2002 racing Hare Scrambles and was good at that so I tried a return to Motocross in 2007.

Riding Goals

My riding goals go beyond riding, training, and the track. I of course want to ride well and have good results. What is most important is to me is being a well rounded participant in as many aspects of this great sport as I can. I enjoy the opportunities to support my clubs, tracks, competitors, and of course my generous sponsors. I always want to be a positive reflection of our sport and someone new riders of all ages can look to for support and advice. I strive to have a positive outlook no matter the results and be a good loser as well as a happy winner. I have many friends at the track that I also race against and win against, all my on track relationships are positive ones.

Competitive Highlights

For 2020:

AMA District 17 Champion for 50+ B

Nuclear Sunset Series Champion for 50+ B

Great River Shootout Series Champion for 50+ B