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Personal History

My passion for riding dirt bikes started when I was five years old with my Dad at our family cabin in Central Oregon.  I have grown up in Albany Oregon and I love going to school and having great friends.   I have met many people at the tracks that I have grown to look up to.  They challenge and encourage me to do my best and I want to grow to be like that for other riders.  My first racing experience was last Spring where I won the Mag7 Jr. B overall championship.

Until last year, I mainly rode single track trails, but last summer my family was fortunate to rent the Albany MX track with a group of 10-15 riders for 4-5 hour practice sessions.   Having this on-track riding time and pushing myself,  my skills quickly progressed.  This experience was a challenge because I had to work very hard to develop my skills and have the courage to clear all the jumps.  I got a little better each practice and now I really enjoy the MX racing and am having success at races. I have participated in several local MX races in Oregon and have placed 1st or 2nd in each race in the 85 beginner class.  I have averaged a 4th-6th place finish in the Super Mini class.  At the recent memorial races (750 riders) I had a first overall in 85 beginner and 4th in Super Mini with 30-40 riders in each class.  I plan to race the full series this year.  I’m currently riding a 2021 KTM 85sx 19/16.

You would be sponsoring a rider that is respected at the track. I always practice good sportsmanship after every race.  I care about my fellow riders as well, not just myself.  For example, at one of my races last summer, my friend and main competitor, wrecked and was injured during the race, far from the start.  I stopped, moved him off the trail and flagged riders to slow down until the medical staff arrived. I followed him back to the staging area to make sure he was okay.  Luckily it was just a broken thumb.  I wasn’t thinking about winning the race, but taking care of my friend.    

My family is committed to traveling across Oregon and competing in as many races as possible. We will be participating in the full Mag7 (Jr. A), Albany MX (85 beginner, Super Mini), and the Oregon State Championship Summer Series.  We will also catch a few OMRA and PAC West races as well.  This is a total of 27 races between March and October. As my sponsor, you will be visible at most of the races taking place in Oregon. I will promote my sponsors on Instagram to my 250+ followers. Our traveling set-up catches the eye of many at the track. My Dad keeps his 2018 F350 and 24’ Stealth custom cargo trailer very clean and your sponsorship decals would be on one of the nicest set-ups at the track.

Riding Goals


  • To improve riding skills through participation in multiple racing series in 2021.
  • Be competitive in the Albany MX Series, Oregon State Championship Series, Mag7 (Jr A), OMRA and PAC West.
  • Continue weekly practice sessions.
  • Be respected by other racers.
  • Have Fun!

Competitive Highlights

Racing Highlights

GP Racing Series

  • Mag7 JB Overall Champion

MX Racing Series

  • 85 Beginner Class: 7 races, average finish 1st - 2nd overall
  • Super Mini Class: 6 races, average finish 4th - 6th overall


MX Racing Series

  • Albany Series, Currently 1st place beginner

GP Racing Series

  • Mag 7, Currently tied for 1st place (JR A / JR Ex.)