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Rider Updates

Oct 31 2010

Well as the first race back from a 8 week leg injury, first moto got 3rd in the whole shot, got slowed way down by a wreck of 1st and 2nd on an inside so that dropped me back to 6th and the last 2 laps I caught back up to 2nd for the moto.

2nd moto I pulled the holeshot, lead the race until the 3rd lap, front end washed out in a deep sand turn, went back to 4th and got back to 3rd.

So not exactly the best race I've ever had but as the first race back i guess i did pretty good. i just have to get my arms back in shape because they were killing me with arm pump.

Well sponsors, hope yall are atleast some what impressed, remember i can always use more discounts and so free stuff so i will update my page as soon as i can. (which i might race at freestone this coming weekend, Nov. 5th and 6th. but not too sure) later guys!

Aug 12 2010

Well its been about a month of ride, work out/train, and ride agin, evey day and riding at the local track every other weekend. Now im going to cycle ranch this weekend to ride with some of the faster riders and maybe a pro here and there to see where im at physicaly, mentaly, and speed wise. To mainly find my weak points and strengthen them. I will post another post when i get back to let yall know how it when.

thanks for checkin me out!!

Jul 20 2010

Well last week I started training twice a day, i really felt more comfortable and relaxed on the bike, and not as tence after my practice motos.