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Personal History

My name is Daniel Piland. I just turned 26 and have been on and off a bike for the past 14 years. So far this year I have been bumped up in two different race series and hope to continue my progress.

Riding Goals

My riding goals are just about the same as everyone else in the motto world. To be the best. My riding goals are simple. To have the best. And be the best. I have moved up on bikes several times due to my height and a, finally getting used to the power and handling. I hope to get better each time I ride and move up in class until I have reached the absolute top!

Competitive Highlights

I have raced for about 14 years on and off due to money. I have raced in several series including TCCRA, TVRC, TORN,. TORO. and several motocross national series like full moon and triple crown.   I have placed 2nd in beginner class in 2010. 3rd in triple crown in 2011. And numerous top ten through the years. 

This year I have been bumped to 250 B class and cross country lites intermediate class. In TVRC I race GP5 A class as well