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Personal History

My name is Daniel Peters and I am 36 years old. I Iive in Camarillo Ca with my wife and 3 dogs. I am a firefighter paramedic for the city of Oxnard. I have been riding motocross since 10 years old. As of this year I am planning on doing the district 37 AMA euro scrambles series along with the fire police MX series. I have a few different bikes that I ride depending on what I am doing. I enjoy working on motorcycles as a hobby, I guess you can call me the Oxnard fire motorcycle mechanic. I am currently looking to represent some sponsorships for this upcoming years MX series that I will be participating in. Thank you for the opportunity

Riding Goals

Show up to the entire series, be competitive and win. I consider myself a fast novice or a slow intermediate depending on how much I have been riding lately. Hopefully this year I will have the opportunity to become a full time intermediate racer.

Competitive Highlights

Top 5 at mammoth MX 2012.

I have won serve all local races in the past

multiple fire police MX wins