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Personal History

Well, my name is Daniel Kelly and I live in southern california. I am currently attending Cypress College and taking Economics, Accounting, Business Management, Spanish, and History. I plan on transfering to Cal State Fullerton in the Fall of 2009. My intended majors are International Business, as well as Business Marketing, and I plan on a obtaining a Masters degree. Besides school I am a custodian for the Magnolia School District, where I work part time to help my parents with the motorcycle expenses, as well as everyday necessities. I am the oldest sibling of two and I live at home with my parents, so you could say life is good. I enjoy going to the beach and bodyboarding at the Wedge, I also like mountain biking, BMX, wakeboarding, hanging out with friends and most of all my love for motocycle riding. I started riding when I was 3 years old and ever since then I have never stopped. Riding is in my blood.

Riding Goals

My goals for 2009 are transfering to Cal State Fullerton, doing more racing and possibly going to Ponca City, Loretta Linns, for motorcross and for Off-road racing, hitting all the WORCS races. I will post more as the year ends.  

Competitive Highlights

Some of my competitive highlights so far this year, are winning the 12 hours of Glene Helen in 250 A class, currently in 8th position in the 250B and OpenB classes for the WORCS Series, leading the Alta Vista Events Series in the 250A class, and racing as many races as possible.