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Personal History

Sup, im Dan Giurk number 125 this year...i've been doing FMX for as long as i can remember and i just started racing this far i've only made it to the begginer class which im glad of cause i didn't know what the hell i was far as frestyle goes tricks come pretty naturaly just i take time on the jumps

Riding Goals

Well i want to get as good as Travis Pastrana but i doubt that will come in one year...but hey you can try....i would also like to get better at racing and enduro.

Competitive Highlights

Well...have only raced one race this year and it was ArenaCross i got second in qualifires but i ended out nocking my self out of the race in the woops when my hand sliped other wise i would have gotten at leas 6 place....not bad considering it to be my first race ever.