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Personal History

 Hello my name is Dan Kelly I'm currently in my 10th year of racing, I started riding when I was 12 and started racing when I was 14. I started racing  in 200C Hare Scrambles. Currently I race Adult  A Hare Scrambles, and Vintage Cross Country.  I've had a lot of fun, met some great people.

I'm currently working on a four year degree in Information Technology. I currently have a two year degree in Cyber Security. Going to college and working part time is what I have to do to help pay for college. I would like to ride as much as I can but school and work is  just as important and as a student who has to work  I didn't get to attend as many races as I would like to.  Ride hard, work hard and study hard.


Riding Goals

2022 Goals

Whether it's racing or studying for school or working I give it 100%, that I believe is the formula for success.

I hope to continue to be a front runner in the  A class this year.I hope to continue to perform well in the local District 6, and ECEA events. I also would like to run more AMA National events. I would like to attend some GNCC events.

I also run vintage dirt bikes cross country at the Expert level and would like to attend more National AHRMA events

Competitive Highlights

2019 Notable Accomplishment

Second place overall finish in A open class in Harescrambles series in District 6

2022 Notable Accomplishment 2 first place finishes in my class and 4th overall

2018 Notable Accomplishment 

Overall winner in Vintage cross country AHRMA in 200 Expert, and 2 first place finishes in my class   

2017 Notable Accomplishment

1st place finish at AMA East National Hare Scramble in Open A

Finished first place champion in District 6 Open A