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Personal History

I am funny, competitive, determined, and happy.  I love to ride all the time - racing or practicing.  When I am out on the track I give it my all!  Even off the track I give 110%!  I am an A+ student in school too!  It is also awesome because my dad & mom & little brother are there always to support me.

Riding Goals

I am hoping to keep riding over the winter months at an indoor track or outside as long as possible.  Maybe even try the Sandbox!  I hope to keep getting faster and be in the top five in my class in 2011.  I have been riding my dad's YZ250 until I get my YZ125 for schoolboy class.  Can't wait to get that!  I hope to make it to Loretta's in 2011 in schoolboy & supermini 2.   



Competitive Highlights

I remember one of my 65 races - I got the holeshot and led the whole race.  It was AWESOME!  Also, in one of my 85 races I battled for 2 straight motos (5 laps each) and took roost the whole time but it was a BLAST! I took 4th in 85 SR in the Byron Nuke series this year. My supermini was down alot this year.  This year I made it to Millville for Loretta Lynn's regionals!  That was tough!  I will be more prepared & ready to do ALOT better in 2011!  I have been practicing ALOT!!!  Can't wait to show my skills on the track!!!  Hope to be on the gate in August 2011 at Loretta's!