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Personal History

I'm a 5 year old boy that absolutely loves motocross!! It all started when I was 1. My dad has always been into dirtbikes rather its racing,trail riding or just simple working on them! Well my dad said he had me a dirtbike before I was even born he says he just knew I was going love dirtbikes too.. well at age 1 my dad had me sitting on the dirtbike in the garage on cylinder blocks and he would just let me play around with all the levers and cool gadgets I could touch. Well he was right I absolutely love everything about dirtbikes. I went to my first monster energy Supercross show when I was 2.5/3 at Ford field in Detroit MI. Feel even more in love with motocross and the smells of race fuel!! Well i was 4 and I just gotten off training wheels on my dirtbike I asked dad if I could race in the eaton County fair and he said yes! While we are all nervous and scared I went out there! But one thing that helped me overcome the fear was my daddy telling me not to worrie about winning or losing just go out there and have fun so I did and it was amazing and still to this day thats the main reasons why I love riding and racing!!

Riding Goals

My riding goals are short and sweet but I wanna work hard and become the best I can be! I wanna race in the monster energy Supercross. I wanna except a multi million dollar contract to ride for team honda!

Competitive Highlights

Sportsman ship!! Win lose or draw it doesn't matter this kid is always trying to help out the next person!