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Personal History

Damian Firmi, 17, I live in Halifax,Queensland,Australia. i have been riding dirtbikes for 9 years and racing for 5 motocross is my life. I enjoy training on and off my bike, water skiing,bmx,swimming, downhill mtb and riding and spending time with friends and family. i travel every weekend with my family to racing. i have started working as a boiler maker because i completed grade 12 not long ago. in the future i look forward to more success with my racing and want to go as far as i can take it.

Riding Goals

2011 for me is going to be tough because i have knee injury which has to be fixed and am expected to be out for about 6-9 months which is a major set back for my year. but i plan to travel to each event because i can not stay away from motocross for that long. but during my time off i will be concentrting on rehabing my knee i will be doing physio, excersising and light swimming. this time off will be a positive because i can really get my body and mind set for the late 2011 events and early 2012 season.

Competitive Highlights

over my 5 years of racing i have expirienced every position on the track from 40th to 1st. 2010 has been my best year yet because of my podium finishes and consistent results. this has all come from my hard work and never give up attitude. i will keep improveing and my results will only keep getting better.