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Personal History

my name is Dalton Stewart. i have been racing ever since i was 7. i have been riding since i was 3. i have race 50 jr, 50 sr, 65 jr, and 65 sr. then my life began to go down. i blew out the bersack in my knee. i had did this twice. that was during 65 class. my dad had got me a new yz 85 in 2005. i wasnt able to race do to my dad buying a new house. i had got a yz250f for christmas. my dad has just got me back into rcing. we will be racing arenacross and every weekend next summer. i havnt been racing this year due to money issues. this up coming year i will be racing 250b and four stroke. i have a track at my house, which i ride every day. i also go riding every weekend at tracks in my local area. in 50 class i was 7th in my district. in 65 i was 5 in my district. a good thing to know is that im a freshman at Kaneland High School. i have always been on first honoral. i am dovoted to my sport and i will do anything to prove myself to you guys that i am a good rider. i would also like to get some help because my father is single. that doesnt stop him from taking me racing but he has a hard time getting me the things needed.

Riding Goals

some of my goals for next year are to compeat every weekend and ride everyday to become a better competitor. i would like to have some sponcers to help me and my father with racing. i would like to qualify of lorettas and compeat in the regions held here. i want to make a name for myself!

Competitive Highlights

 i had went to the regionals on my 65. i raced 65 sr and i placed 7th. in my district i was 5th in 65sr and 7th in 50 sr. i have always been know as a highflier. i have been the one that will hit jumps that no one else has hit. i have one many races in 65 and 50. one of my best was in 50 class. i was racing on pro night. in practice i hit the catipult and plunged into the face of the landing. i raced that night and i took third in the final.