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Rider Updates

Mar 31 2016

the 450 is ready to go and looks like a desert 100 weekend is upon us!!  Hannegan starting up soon and I'm ready!!

Jun 23 2015

In the working world now after high school graduation......Thursday night mx a thing of the past!  :(

May 12 2015

Motocross training and practice going well.  Racing at hannegan has bee great!

Apr 17 2015

Last nights practice at hannegan was awesome!  Definitley tell I haven't ridden a lot lately!  Getting used to the new RMZ and it's feeling good!

Apr 15 2015

I'm back...shcool's almost out!  Just got a 2013 RMZ450....and I'm ready to ride!  Rode the poker run at the desert 100 and getting ready to go up tomorrow to Hannegan for the first practice of the year...Please don't rain out!!

Jul 20 2014

Raced at Hannegan last Thursday!  Nice to race coming up August 6th...pre op appt July 23rd.....WASHOUGAL July 26th....Can't wait!!

Jul 1 2014

Getting my surgery scheduled to get the rod removed from the femur.  Tired of the worry!!

Jun 24 2014

Hannegan mx practice was awesome!!  Riding the new RMZ450 and hucking all the big jumps!!

Jun 1 2014

Hannegan MX and Poker run!  Awesome day and so much fun to be out riding!

May 1 2014

Walker Valley last night and Hannegan tonight!!  Man it feels good to get out and ride!!

Apr 21 2014

Dang no Hannegan 2 weeks in a row!!  Let's hope the weather cooperates this week.....Walker Valley tomorrow, Hannegan Thursday, and found some new riding spots around the house so getting some extra riding in!!

Apr 8 2014

Poker Run was awesome....except for the flat tire. :(   Next ride Hannegan on Thursday and then go watch supercross on Saturday!!

Apr 2 2014

Desert 100 and poker run this weekend!!  Can't wait!!

Mar 21 2014

Nice to get out and ride!  Weather's getting better and it's staying light longer!!

Mar 7 2014

First race cancelled!!  Guess I will just ride at home this weekend!!  Looking forward to a new season!!

Jan 14 2014

I've been doing a little riding.....planning on getting the rod out of my leg soon so by summer I'll be back to full racing!! 

Nov 19 2013

It's been awhile since the injury!!  Everything is good and I'm getting back to some play riding......still no racing for awhile but it feels good to ride again!!

Jul 23 2013

It's been 3 weeks since the femur break...doc says it's healing but laying on the couch is getting old!

Jul 2 2013

Straddleline ORV was not good to me!!  Practice was great on Saturday but right after the start of the race on Sunday I high sided and broke my femur!!  A couple days in the hospital after surgery and now a lot of recovery time!!  Really sucks!!

Jun 24 2013

Dang Muddy off to a great start and pulled away early.....then had a crash and knocked my seat off the fuel tank post!!  Pitted and fixed that and then next lap was overheating.  Dad helped me get coolant in it and we finished up 2nd!!  Dang!!  So close but scored good points!  Team Tortoise at Straddleline next weekend.....gonna b a good one!  My Leatt cool tee worked awesome!!  Thank you for that!!

Jun 22 2013

Hannegan Tomorrow...can't wait!!  I'm going to win it at my home track!!  Got my new Leatt cool tee ready to go and ordered up some cool foot pegs and a new shift lever from Torc1!!

Jun 19 2013

Walker Valley ORV Tuesday night.....we had a great ride!!  Nothing like a little extra practice now that schools done!!

Jun 5 2013

Golden Spike!!  Mostly asphalt and it was a crazy race!!  Getting stuck in the mud didn't help.....made it to the finish though!!

May 21 2013

What a great weekend!!  Practice was awesome on Saturday and the race was cool Sunday......course was dusty but getting the holeshot helped!!  Ran up front all day and ended up 2nd!!

May 14 2013

Gearing up for Eddieville this weekend!!  Practice Saturday and race Sunday!!  Can't wait!

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