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Personal History

I've had a passion for motorcycles since I was 3 years old. A dirtbike, however, was not in the cards for me until I was able to buy one off of my cousin in 2005 when I was almost 20 on a payment plan. It was a 96 CR125. I had no idea how to ride it but I was hooked. I did a welcome to motocross school in 2009 on my "new" 06 CRF250 at Winchester Speedpark in NH. The next week I signed up for a race in the 250C class. I crashed about as much as I rode and got lapped in a 4 lap race but that was it, I was hooked. I spent every extra dollar I had trying to get to the races. In 2012 I was able to ride a lot more and started mixing it up in the middle of the pack. I had no money or time to race much in 2013 and didn't race in 2014. I rode just a couple times in 2015 and with a baby on the way a friend cought me at a weak moment and asked if I would sell him my bike. 2021 is the first season I have been able to ride since.

Riding Goals

My main goal in 2021 is to work on my riding technique and endourance. I feel if I keep working on those two things I will be competing for podiums by the end of the season in the 30C class.