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Personal History

Hi my name is Corbin price I started riding bikes at 8 years old. My main supporter in my motor cross career is my mom she has helped me get into every race and do my best to dominate. My parents are divorced so at a young age I had to teach myself everything about dirt biking my mom had 0 clue I had to understand how to corner correctly and use all the techniques by myself my career is just beginning I have so much left to do 

Riding Goals

My main goal in motocross and riding in general is to dominate I am very open to learn and understand and work my body so it can handle the stress of long races and tuff track conditions my entire life I grew up racing a compact super cross track that is homemade. Not until the age of 13 I rode on a different style track that was open and was different they put me in the junior class just because it was my first time on that track and I absolutely dominated cleated every jump the first time I was having the time of my life. In the end I realized that me growing up on such a crappy track gave me so much of an advantage when it came to an open track that is groomed usually this made me believe how good I was compared to the rest. One of the main reasons I do not have videos and pictures is because my mother does not like to go out on the track she usually gets confused on which one is me and just sits in the car but within the next month I will set up some tripods and get some sick air pics I am well on my way to getting to scrub jumps also.

Competitive Highlights

First race of my life placed 3 

Then placed 1st in my second 

kept winning up in classes until I got a big bike