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Personal History

My name is Cooper Kangas. I am 15 years old and I love motocross more that anything else. I love going to the practice track with my Dad and my sister. We pack a lunch and ride all day. My Dad is my coach, mechanic, and driver. I ride at Thursday Night Motocross in Portland, Oregon. We pit next to all the big guys who ride for Beaverton Honda Motorcycles. They are really cool to me and I want to grow up and ride just like them.

I got my first big wheel bike this year, a RM 125.  It has been a lot of fun racing it Thursday nights. As I am gaining experience on it my speed is getting better.  

I am in 9th grade this year. I am a good student but admit that my favorite class is gym. I love basketball too. My Mom say's I averaged 16 points a game last year and that isn't too shabby. My best subject is math. It comes easy for me and I like numbers, especially my own, #007.


Riding Goals

I am now on a RM 125 and looking forward to racing it this year.  My goal is finish on the box and ride my best every time out. I would like to improve my starts and my corner speed to help me accomplish my goals for the 2016 season. The competition at my home track is very steep and I have my work cut out for me. I am also going to race a winter series at a track up north in Woodland, Washington and an indoor series too. I just need to challenge myself in the mud and other tracks so I have experience on different surfaces.

Competitive Highlights

My 2015 mx season was a challenge over the last year. I had mostly mid pack finishes last year on my 125, it was tough as most of my competition was three to four years older than me.  I am hoping to have better finishes in 2015 as I have some seat time on the 125 now.