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Rider Updates

Jul 17 2015

went to the rmx race in ogden and they had practice on friday and sunday,  i practiced and it was nice to get exposed to a new track and challenges.  my normal tracks locally dont have this kind of soil and it doesnt rutt like hot springs raceway did.  it was definetly something new but i really enjoyed the track and racing with all the kids.  lots of good fast competition and look forword to coming back to get faster at these bigger tracks.

Mar 19 2015

doing some practice behind the house, on a litte course with hills, whoops, and long sweeping moto style berms to get ready for a sandy race in Winnemucca this weekend.  super pumped.

Mar 10 2015

went to a different track in wells about 45 min south of us today and trying to get exposure to other places, new styles, dirt and conditions to be a well rounded rider.  practice was good today.

Feb 18 2015

been going out every day after school to a track out in the desert that my dad and his buddie built up with there tractors.  practicing straight away speed and corner entry. getting ready for the tiger lacey memorial race and the season opener.

Jan 28 2015

Well winters in northern Nevada are brutal but we have been getting out when we can, we did a little mud riding on our track in the yard to get use to all race conditions.  Rain snow or shine we love to ride

Jan 20 2015

weather has been record high for the area, go practicing at a friends backyard track learning how to jump.

Jun 12 2014

Went to the local gravel pit to improve riding in loose material.  also learned to squeeze with my knees to make the bike more stabile instead of flailing my legs and dragging them.  Rode some hills, and practiced starts for a good hr with my buddies adley and Wesley Baldwin.

Jun 11 2014

Today I went to my friends house with the track in his yard, it was a blast, there where 3 of us out there chasing each other around learning passing, and line choices, I also worked on inside and outside turns as we'll I can't wait to do it again tomorrow

Jun 11 2014

I have a friends and fellow racers that live up the street from me and tonight we went up there because they have a track in there back yard.  It has jumps, straights, off cambers and it's silty, rocky dirt so I'm improving on riding in that type of dirt, I rode from. 6 till I just couldn't ride because it was too dark it was a blast.

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