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Rider Updates

Jul 11 2016

After training with Dylan baur my dad made me a rut track in our backyard, so I can have another thing and place to practice

Jul 9 2016

had another training day with pro rider Dylan bauer.  this time it was a group training session at a local track grmx in carlin nv.  started the day learning what to eat and how much water to drink each day.  practiced starts on the starting gate.  then he had a corner track setup and practiced cornering some more.  then hit the big track to encorporate what we learned all together.  also learned about jumping and even jumped a jump I have been scared to hit.  great day for the group and as a individual. 

Jul 7 2016

had another training day today with pro rider Dylan bauer.  we went to a high speed cornering track.  we learned to carry speed into big sweeping corners and high speed straight aways.  also learned to battle with dusty rough conditions.  another overall great learning experience.

Jul 6 2016

got trained by pro rider Dylan bauer today.  we went to a low speed rut track.  working on corner entry and exit.  when to stand up and sit down coming into and out of corners.  practiced body position and starts.  also worked on straight away speed.  it was a very fun learning experience and cant wait for more training. in the future.

Jun 29 2016

Went to Reno Ktm and picked up my 2017 Ktm 50 sx. Then broke it in at fernely mx track!!!!

Jun 23 2016

Drove up to Idaho to practice with a really talented friend at his house track.  The track was definitely good for me because my weakness is jumping.  They helped me out a lot and I nailed a few jumps, gained some confidence.

Jun 22 2016

Been practicing a lot locally but finally got outa dodge.  Dad took me to desert peak today and it was nice and loamy.  Deep soil that I needed practice on. Then got invited to ride with a friend at his track in Idaho so we packed up after practice and pinned it to Idaho!!!

May 14 2016

Well not bad for my first race back after my broken foot.  Went to open practice at a local track today just getting back into the riding routine.  I was very excited to get back on my bikes!!!

Apr 22 2016

Went to a free practice st s local track.  Rode my 50 and 65 getting comfortable in the new track layout.  Had a crash and broke my foot

Apr 15 2016

my dad took me out in the hills to a lil berm track and i practiced leaning into the corners and staying on the throttle to do a lil berm blasting.  my corner speed is getting better and betters.

Apr 10 2016

went to a local track both days this weekend and finally got the guts up enough to jump a double double section that i havnt been able to do.  really excited about that.  and practiced about a thousand starts with my buddie with my new risk racing start gate.  so awesome. had a great time.

Apr 8 2016

Was headed down to glen Helen and the event got canceled so we went to pala instead.  First time at the track and missed practice the day before but still gave it shot with the superstars had a blast at the track and look forward to coming back and learning where I need to be.

Mar 19 2016

Went to prairie city mx this weekend for the mammoth qualifier. What a nice track and area,first time at the track and had fun.  I was challenged by the deep ruts, but can't wait to get back to this track soon.

Mar 5 2016

Went to winnemucca for the weekend.  Open practice on Saturday.  Wanted to start racing my 65 so I practiced on it and did really well.  As well as my 50s, conquered a jump that I needed to. 

Feb 20 2016

Went to California to practice and got my suspension done by nost. Did really good on my mod bike while the suspension was getting done at the track.  Improved my straights and corner speed.  Then rode my sxs once the suspension was done and it worked amazing. Boosting my confidence on coming up short on jumps. I had a great day.

Jan 16 2016

up here in northern nv where we live its been sub temps and snowing, so after the holiays it took awhile to get back to racing.  went down to perris for the first time and got to get back at it on Saturday before the race with open practice.  started hitting the stepup and doing better on my straight speed.  got the new answer black out gear for my birthday and looking forward to making the gear look  good out there.  thanks for all the support!!!!!

Dec 14 2015

Went to a somewhat logical track in winnemucca.  It was so cold but the track was in good shape.  Picked up a couple jumps that I wasn't doing before, and got some good practice with the 65.

Dec 5 2015

went to open practice at glen hellen before the last round of the fall series race.  had a good day of practice and made it up mt. st.hellen with ease on the both my 50s. dads been on my but about corners and straight away speed.

Nov 21 2015

Went to open practice at glen Helen and had a tough time at first with the rough track and big hills but had it down in no time

Nov 6 2015

Went down to milestone mx and did open practice before the mini major.  It was our first time to the track but still had a lot of fun and the track was killer.

Nov 1 2015

Went riding in wells at the track with my friend adley.  It was really windy so we practice our turns. Both outside and inside lines and railing burms.

Oct 10 2015

Did the twmx fall series rd 3 and had a lot of fun.  Been riding around locally before and after to constantly improve 

Sep 16 2015

raced the transworld mx round 1 in california.  it was a fun track and i really liked it.  i had a crash off the start of the open class and then crashed trying to avoid a kid that didnt do a jump that i did.  but came back the next moto and finished 11th out of 31 kids.  it was the biggest gate that i have raced so far and it was great expirence.  looking forward to racing most of this series.  on my ktm 50sxs

Sep 4 2015

went to the local track in carlin, gold rush mx park and practiced for 3 days.  then went to a track in wellls to change it up.  been getting more comftorble jumping bigger jumps and practice riding my 65 some more.

Sep 3 2015

Been improving on jumps and turns,riding at the local tracks.  A Los got a 65 and learning the clutch and shifting!!!

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