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Rider Updates

Apr 23 2017

race day for the twmx west coast open at glen Helen.  top 5 in all my classes again, thanks to all the practice I got before the race. 

Apr 22 2017

back again for another day of practice at glen Helen.  I focused on the back section today with the s section being pretty rough.  and my speed on the hills in the back.  I got a little better but still have a lot of work to do to catch up to some of the kids in my class.

Apr 22 2017

made the 10 hr trek down to glen Helen for a day of practice before the llaq.  I hope I make it this year, its one of my goals to go to lorretas.

Apr 20 2017

made it down to glen Helen for a weekday of practice.  what a scorcher.  my 65 had some issues so we ended up driving back to grandmas early.  tore the bike down and found my reeds had deteriated.  thankfully my dad and grandpa keep us stocked with lots of extra parts.  my dad had it fixed the same day.

Apr 2 2017

straight from the qualifier to twmx at milestone. the transworld race was a blast I made the top 5 in all my classes.  now I get to stay with grandma cause my dad has to go work in az for a few weeks.

Apr 1 2017

race day at glen Helen for the llaq.  I didn't make it today.  theyre some smoking fast kids out here.  I hope to try again at the next qualifier

Mar 26 2017

back at the sand spot for another day with Dylan.  not only am I getting faster, but my confidence is getting better too.  I feel like im controlling the bike better that ever.  thanks again Dylan.

Mar 25 2017

we went to a new local spot for me, its a sandy berm track and its nice for training.  my dad setup a few days with a local pro that ive trained with a bunch now Dylan bauer.  he pushes me pretty good and is really good.  my cornering has improved bigtime thanks to him.

Mar 24 2017

my dad through some stuff down on our side yard for my oset bike.  some tires, a 12inch piece of pipe and a railroad tie for balance.  it was super fun, but the railroad tie got the best of me today.

Mar 17 2017

my buddy down the street has  a small track in his backyard  that our dads keep up.  it helps with tight cornering and small jumps.  its pretty decent for what we have to use to build a track anyway.  but still a good time being on my dirtbike.

Mar 15 2017

went back to the corner track again with all my buds making some dust until we couldn't see.  probably one of my favorite local spots to ride.  such a blast and bbq with everyone.

Mar 14 2017

went to our local turn track again this time with a lot of my friends.  working on cornering, standing up into the corners and charging into the corners faster.  then capped the good day off with a bbq out there with all my buds.

Mar 8 2017

another training day with ruts, cause the ground is still not the best.  we went to wells, they had a little track but it had rained the day before and the truck wasn't rideable.  so we made a rut track in the parking lot so we didn't make the trip for no reason.

Mar 4 2017

went to oatfield for the first time and what an amazing track that is.  the dirt is perfect.  but once again I don't do so well when I don't have some time on the track.  the field was stacked but I had fun with my friends this weekend.

Feb 25 2017

went to dt1 mx park for the first time and race the llaq.  didn't do so well cause they had some weather and the truck was really muddy.  not so good for 50cc bikes.  I was inside the top 10 and got hung up in the mud and a bunch of riders got by. 

Feb 16 2017

went to another locl track that is about an hr away.  battle mountain, its tough when the track isn't prepped but its better than nothing.  I mainly focused on the dry slick sweaper and some cement starts today. 

Feb 15 2017

went to a track in Winnemucca its 2 hrs away but its a sand track and is amazing when the ground is wet.  had a lot of fun, the track was great.  my friends dad got me to try a step up that I havnt done yet.  took me a few trys but I went for it but I ended up crashing.  then I practiced some starts with my buddy adley.  overall it was a fun day.

Feb 14 2017

just beginning to get to ride from the snow finally melting but the soil up here isn't great when its wet either.  just went to a local corner track in spring creek to cut some new ruts.

Feb 5 2017

Made the drive down for the first mammoth qualifier at glen Helen.  I love glen Helen it is one of my favorite tracks.  Seems like they brought more sand in which is another challenge.  I had a great day of practice and the weather held out, it was a nice cool day.

Feb 5 2017

Made the drive down for the first mammoth qualifier at glen Helen.  I love glen Helen it is one of my favorite tracks.  Seems like they brought more sand in which is another challenge.  I had a great day of practice and the weather held out, it was a nice cool day.

Jan 29 2017

Race day!  I took the win in the 50 classes but the 65, my starts need work. But  I got 3rd my first moto but again the second moto I got a bad start and fought up In the first turn pile up.  I raced 4 classes so 8 Motoshop in one day.  I was worn out

Jan 28 2017

Made the 10hr trip down to socal for practice at perris my.  It was a great day picking up from last practice a few weeks ago.  The track is super fun and the dirt was great.  Can't wait to race tomorrow!

Jan 18 2017

I've started working out after school since the weather won't stop snowing.  My dad has been slowly getting more equipment.  I've got a balance board I do squats on.  I've got kettle bells for core workouts. And a elliptical for cardio.  I do the normal sit ups, push ups, squats and lunges.  I also do planks, leg lifts and so on.  Chasing the dream!

Jan 8 2017

Showed up today and the tracks are mint.  Ride the main track a lot with my 65 and hit the step up consistently, until my stock chain broke.  Ride my 50 on the vvet track also.  Working on my form and landing with the gas on.  Can't wait till the twmx race Jan 29th!

Jan 7 2017

Due to the snow and sub zero temps in northern nv we have to head south just to be able to ride.  Went to perris for open practice Saturday.  The main track was a little slimy but the vet track was in good shape.  I had a lot of fun and started to hit the bigger jumps.  Also working on standing up more, and cornering.  Clint wait to hit it up again tomorrow.

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