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Personal History

Started riding at a young age and enjoyed it. but i didnt get into racing until recently, but now that i have i am hooked! I started riding with a jr50 suzuki mostly just putted around the yard.But then my dad sold that bike and i was bikeless. But after many years of begging i finally got another bike a honda 150 trail bike.This is when riding really started to get fun! I convinced my neighbor to start riding and we both started tearing it up! We ended up building our own motocross track in the field behind his house! So again i started my begging and after my dad saw the hard work we put into our home moto track he bought me a Crf 250r.So another one of my buddies caught wind of us getting race bikes and started taking us riding and giving us tips.After all he had been racing for 20 years so he is pretty good. So one day we head to the repair shop to grab a few things and my dad saw that 2013 suzuki and he thought i needed that before my first race! That pretty much brings us to where i am now.

Riding Goals

To have fun. ride hard. improve my abilities and most importantly win!

Competitive Highlights

My races typically go well my most recent race i pulled holeshots both motos and ended up getting 2nd overall.But my best highlight would be leaving the gate in 12th place and ended up getting 3rd! At dragoon motocross track