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Personal History

I am a eleven year old, I have been riding since I was three. I started racing when I was almost five years old..  I love riding my dirt bike, I ride multiple nights a week at home and my parents take me to races almost every weekend. 

2021 Season- I have had successful comeback this year after breaking my leg in October of last year. I am well on my way to a 1st place in WFO promotions and D17 AMA for hare scrambles in the 65 beginner class. I look forward to advancing next year to the 65 advanced class. Longer races and tougher tracks. We have hit up a race almost every weekend since the end of February this year. 1st place WFO and AMA D17 champion this year! On to longer and tougher tracks for next year!


2022-I moved up to 65 advanced this year, I have had some successes and am still growing while trying to navigate the longer and tougher tracks. I have had a lot of fun trying to learn how to overcome new obstacles and keep going even if I mess up. I still have one GNCC to race this year plus many more local races in the last few months of racing season. I will be moving up to the 85 class next year and can't wait to keep on learning and growing as a dirt bike ride and person. 

2023 Season- We moved from Illinois to Ohio mid season this year. I have had an adjustment moving up to the bigger bike. I have seen many successes this year and plan to improve on them for next year. I have finished in the top three or four at most local races, unfortunately I haven't been able to put it all together at the national races. 

Riding Goals

Goals for 2024- I plan to focus mainly on hare scramble and cross country races. I will still also hit some local GP's. We plan to run the IXCR series next year and have a goal to be in the top three at the end of the year. I will hit a few GNCC's as well.

Goals for 2023- Continue to learn and grow as a person and dirt bike rider. I plan to race hare scramble and GP's next year in the 85 class. I look forward to learning how to navigate the longer and tougher tracks better. I am going to try to make it to three or four GNCC's in 2023, I will also be branching out and racing in different areas instead of just my local races. 

Goals for 2022- I plan on hitting at least two GNCC's next year and hopefully more than that. I will also be advancing to the 65 advanced class, coming off winning 1st place in 65 beginner in 2021. My goal is to race pretty much every weekend from the end of February until it gets cold and then try to hit up some local races at an indoor facility. I also plan to try and make some more GP's this coming year, I went to one in September of 2021 and really enjoyed the difficulty of the course, it really challenged me and I came away with a 2nd place, I will be itching to earn some 1st places at GP's next year. 

Goals for 2021-I mainly ride hare scrambles, but this year and a little last year we started branching out into motocross and arenacross. I will continue to chase points at hare scrambles and hit up motocross and arena crosses any weekend that I don't have a hare scramble. I hope to take the overall points in the 65 beginner class next year. I also plan to try and ride at two GNCC's next year. 



Competitive Highlights

2023- I have gotten a number of 1st places as well as many 2nd - 4th places. I am racing with some super competitive and good riders and we have battled it out this year.


2022-TBD, I have stayed competitive all year, I have gotten many 1st places and on down from there. I race with a group of super competitive and good riders, we are always having good battles till the end. 

2021- I am in line to bring home the 1st place spot in WFO promotions series as well as the championship for D17 AM HS 65 beginner class. I am super pumped to have been able to accomplish that this year, at the beginning of the year coming off of a broken leg last year it seemed like a lofty goal....but I was able to get it done.  I also still have a GNCC at the end of October to compete in and I am hoping for a top ten finish in that race! 

2020-I will take overall 1st place in points in the MXC and WFO and OMA series on my 50cc bike this year. I got 3rd place overall two years ago on my 50cc. I also will be placed 3rd in the 65 beginners class overall this year in the WFO and 2nd in the OMA's. I just started riding that bike this year and I was planning on just riding that class for fun while I learned how to ride that bike, but I started doing well and decided to chase points.