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Personal History

well you know my name so i guess ill start with where i am in life, im 22 and currently serving active duty in the USMC. i still attend races as much as possible and obviously havent been able to put in as much seat time as i would have liked in these past couple years due to my hectic military schedule. but on average i ride upwards of 20-30 times a year, and attend approx. 8-12 races if im not deployed overseas. ive been on the bike since i was 4 and racing since i was 5, being in the military has its ups and downs, i get to travel all over the place and ride and race, on the other hand sometimes im deployed and cant ride for 6-8 months at a time, but i play guitar, partake in mma, shoot guns, and all the normal stuff but overall i love racing and being on the bike and will continue to do so until i cant anymore!

Riding Goals

my riding goals for 2014 would be to attend alot more of the local races and win a small east coast title since lorreta's or any other big regional or national is kind of out of the question right now, but 2015 is going to be a fun year considering i will be leaving the Marine Corps. and doing a walkabout before going to college and looking to go back to the ranch for a third time!

Competitive Highlights

2003-65cc mod class, 22nd place at lorretta's.

2006-supermini 26th place at lorretta's