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Personal History

15 years old

Been riding 10 years, but been racing 7 years.

Brother of Broc Tickle

Love riding, hanging out with friends, and like going to school to learn.

Riding Goals

Goals of '09 Season

1.Make it to Loretta's

2.Top 10 at Loretta's

3.Go to Mini O's(Top 10)

4.Top 3 local


Competitive Highlights

This year in the '08 season my highlights was making it to the regional. I finished 3rd overall at Rolling Hills to get me to the regional in schoolboy 2, and finished 5th overall at Lake Sugar Tree to get me to the regional in schoolboy 1. I would have made it to Loretta Lynn's but i fell the last moto of schoolboy 1 and 2, and messed up my chances. But I am coming back next year to not be let down again.