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Personal History

I am 9 years old and in the 3rd grade. I do very well in school and have always been a favorite among my teachers. My teachers always compliment me on my manners and kindness. I was actually chosen out of approximately 120 students in the first grade as the most Humble and Kind. I was given an award and recognized by the Kemp ISD school board. I have always been athletic. I played Football for three years. My position was running back. My team went to the super bowl twice and won it once. I also played Basketball for three years as the point guard, and Baseball for 4 years as the first baseman. All of those sports kept me pretty busy, so I really only rode my dirt bike occasionally. I started riding a bicycle without training wheels at 3 years old. Then for Christmas my parents got me an electric razor dirt bike when I was 4. When I outgrew that, I got a KLX 110. I rode it at a local track every chance I got until I outgrew that one too. I now have a KX 100. It’s a bit big for me, but it’s fun to ride. When Covid became an issue, and all the sports were cancelled for the season, I finally had time to spend at our local track. I went nearly every weekend. That’s when I realized that my passion lies in motocross. I have decided to dedicate all of my time to learning to ride the right way. The safe way. I’ve been training with a USMCA Certified Coach a minimum of once per week. I’m ready to start racing. I raced in one trail race hosted by TCCRA just for seat time two weeks ago. I had just gotten my cast off from a wrist break three days prior to the race, so I took it easy, but I finished the race. I did 16 miles. Trails aren’t really my passion, motocross is, however, I will also do trail races for the added learning experiences. My parents try hard to make it possible for me to train, ride, and race, but money’s been real tight lately. My dad was hit head on by a drunk driver in August, and spent a month in the hospital. He almost lost his right foot and is just now recovering enough to work. My mom takes me to all of my training and events so my dad can work to make it possible. 

Riding Goals

Practice makes perfect, and I understand the importance of working hard to achieve my goals. I told my mom that my goal is to be better than DangerBoy Deegan. I want to become a pro rider in the future, but for now, I have to set small, realistic goals, and work hard to achieve them. My first goal is to spend this first year absorbing all of the knowledge and training that I can. I call this my learning year. This year I’m working on technique. I’ll be entering as many local races as I can. As much as I like to win, my goal is to learn. If I win races this year, it’s an added bonus. Speed will come, and wins will come. I’m a hard worker and dedicated. I love motocross. I love dirt bikes. I watch training videos on you tube when I’m not riding or training. I will be competing at the Loretta Lynn race within the next 2 years. And my 5 year goal is to take a 1st place win at Loretta Lynn’s. 

Competitive Highlights

My football team won the Super Bowl championship 2 years ago. We didn’t get to play last year due to Covid. I won’t be playing this year, because I’m dedicating all of my time and energy to Moto.