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Rider Updates

Dec 18 2012

Had an awesome time at the Dirty Foot banquet, was riding pretty good, got some practice on a bike KX 250. Felt really good being on a big bike.

Nov 25 2012

Planning on helping Dirty Foot in the Central Florida shoot out, Dirty Foot vs. Mesa Park. To find out how has the fastest riders East or West coast. This is a 8 race series.

Race Dates-

January 13th @ Mesa Park
January 27th @ Dirty Foot
February 10th @ Mesa Park
February 24th @ Dirty Foot
March 10th @ Mesa Park
March 24th @ Dirty Foot
April 7th @ Mesa Park
April 21st @ Dirty Foot

Nov 18 2012

Did round 4 at Dirty Foot today. Was riding a lot better than last week. once fell once this week in second moto, got up kept going. And took 3rd overall!


Nov 13 2012

Did first race back after being out for a while. Felt so good,riding is good but racing is better. Took 4th overall at round four of Dirty Foot. Had second moto wrapped up, had a decent lead, until I got hit off on a corner. Was fir sure hoping for a better finish but, still GREAT to be back racing

Oct 25 2012

Went to practice today, felt pretty good better then I thought I was going to do after not riding for 4 months. Likey either racing Dade City or Eastbay this weekend. Over all good practice.

Oct 22 2012

Got the bike back, making a few adjustments starting practice during the week, racing on the weekend, 

Jul 5 2012

Got back to racing after surgery. Did one Race, went to practice the following thursday and the bike over heated, and blew up in the air on a triple. I will have it fixed as fast as possible, number one priority. Then get back to racing.

Jun 7 2012

Do to an unexpected hospital vist and a more unexpect surgery,i cant ride or  race for about 2 weeks.Hope to be back on bike soon

Jun 1 2012

Hoping to start practicing and racing at Dade City. Just have to wait for school to get out then I'll be riding all summer.Going to plan on dade city practice to around the end of june,but Ill be racing bartow in the mean time.

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