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Personal History

Mixed myself in the wrong crowd then dad bought me a bike then i just took his footsteps in racing and ever since I started it i've loved every bit of it.

Riding Goals

Only started in Januray last year then my dad put me through some special so that i would build up my confidence on the bike and i love and also I made a big come back in my one event last year during the race I was sick then every rider just lapped me so I was down a lap and a half and I came back because my dad was pushing me and I ended up coming first and that was ever first coming first in an event, this year I'm doing the under 19's welsh champions and also the rock oil and fast and eddy this year my goals are to go further with what I can do I want to do the British endure championship and possibly go further from there because I love riding my bike.

Competitive Highlights

Last year ive learnt alot new skills also got a few trophies so that i have memories so ive got something to look back, managed to come third overall in my class so thats not too bad but when i look back on it I see that I've come of changed a few things and also did things differently but there's always to time to improve and change things.