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Personal History

cole is a very outgoing person who lives to ride and race. i moved up to a 250 2- stroke this year and have been doing pretty well,even got first place against the 450 c class. i meet alot of kids even adults who like to know about the things i have for racing. i am pretty much the kid who likes a little pink in my gear and that is how everyone knows who i am. i enjoy racing so much that i try my best to keep my grades up cause mom and dad wont let me ride if  dont. we usually race summer outdoors and winter indoors. This year i finished 9th in qualifying with regionals in schoolboy for loretta's but was unable to make it due to hospitalization.My goals for this winter is to race some ama arenacross and indoor season at EARLYWINE RACING IN MAYSVILLE KY.Next spring i will give loretta lynn's a shot and improve  on my riding abilities.  i am out to promote whatever sponsors feel i can offer them. racing is my life and it is also our family time together we don't do anything else and we like to take the camper and stay the whole weekend to ride and catch up with fellow racers and their family's which our race family is pretty close. this summer i have moved up to the c class and it is alot faster,but it will only make me better dad says. 

Riding Goals

would like to get a feel for the big bike this summer and have a really good year for winter racing.i like to compete but without help i know can only be as good as my ability and equipment can get me there.also thanks to all my sponsors for every deal i have gotten. i couldn't have done it without support from them.would like to be able to travel more and do some big tacks this year and eventually qualify for loretta lynn's next year.

Competitive Highlights

so far this year i have been racing locally and have had some good races and learned from my mistakes..raced local arenacross and finshed 1st in 250c  friday and 3 rd in 250c . sat .. summer 2012 has been an up and down year but a good one, been to some new tracks like chilitown mx in chillicothe ohio it is an ama track. would like to go back to muddy creek raceway in tenn for the top gun showdown in october. ultimate goal for the winter is to race some arenacross to qualify for the amateur day in vegas after supercross.