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Rider Updates

Mar 17 2015

Rain and wind don't make for a happy motocrosser but in between it all, I've found a place that I can ride even if it's not a track.

Mar 9 2015

Feeling good about how I did this past weekend at Horn Rapids MX for rounds 1 & 2 of the NW PRO MX series.

I love my new KTM 250, rides awesome!

Couldn't have asked for nicer weather, it was beautiful.  Thanks to my sponsors and to my mom and dad for their continued support.  It's going to be a great series.

Mar 4 2015

Looking forward to this weekend when I start the 2015 Northwest National MX Series on my new 2015 KTM 250.

Thank you for all my sponsors for hanging in there with me this year.  I won't let you down.

Oct 25 2014

The PRO Series is over and even though I didn't do as well as I had hoped, I think I did ok, considering I had not been able to ride while my leg healed from my 3 femur breaks.  My goal is to strengthen the leg by working out and continue to ride during the winter wherever I can.

Feb 16 2014

These past 6 months have been really challenging. In July 2013, I rebroke my femur in the same place doing too much on it after the original break in June 2013.  Then in early September, my friend grabbed me and brought me down on that same leg and it broke a 3rd time. So, in January, I just got back to riding again. Friends said I rode like I've never been off the bike. That makes me feel good, of course I was tired and can tell my cardio level was not what it used to be. My plan is to ride the 2014 NORTHWEST NATIONAL MX SERIES that starts the first of March. I'm excited to get back to racing. Bikes are ready and I have been working to get back in shape. Thank you to all my sponsors who have hung in there with me,

Aug 18 2013

Thank you to Leatt for the 2014 sponsorship!

I promise to all my sponsors that I will work hard and comeback strong!

Aug 17 2013

Thank you to all my sponsors who are hanging in there with me while I recouperate.

Jul 8 2013

I haven't been using my cruthes cuz the doctor told me when I can straighten my leg, that I could walk on it.  I overdid it after a long weekend in Ocean Shores for the 4th of July.  When I got back home, it was hurting and after sitting at the end of the bed and hearing and feeling my leg pop, I knew instantly that it was broken AGAIN.  I ended up back in hospital in Emergency Room where it was confirmed that the I had not only re-broke the bone, but also the titanium plate.

On July 8, 2013, exactly one year to the day of my surgery in 2012 to put the plate in to fix my broken Tibia, I had my 4th surgery in a year.  The new doctor I got (who specialized in trauma to the bones in legs) put a thicker/longer plate in and ordered me to use my crutches and not to put any weight on my leg for 6 weeks.

Jun 8 2013

Practicing hard out at Staddleline and end up breaking my femur.  Had surgury on June 10th. This sucks cuz I broke the tib/fib last July. Looks like another summer down. Sorry to all my sponsors but I'll get back stronger and faster than last year.

Apr 13 2013

I'm practicing, training and riding the 2013 Northwest National MX Series where I am currently in 1st place in the 85 JR(c) and 10th in the 85-150 cd Supermini.  Working hard and having fun!

Mar 5 2013

I took first overall this past weekend in the 85 JR class in the first round of this year's NW National MX Series. I'm feeling good. Got some training the weekend prior and I'm really picking it up in the corners, and out jumping most riders. I'm proud of how well I am riding, considering I had been out of commision for so long with a broken tibia/fibia. I know I have to continue to ride better each time.

Jan 14 2013

Good news!  My plate was removed from my leg last Monday, the 7th of January. I'll need to take a couple of weeks off for recovery but then I'm back on the bike.  Prior to my surgery, I had been practicing and training out at Clark County MX Indoor with Brandon Thomas of ThomasMXSchool. He said I have bounced back really well after my injury. I'm excited for the NORTHWEST NATIONAL MX SERIES to begin in March. I'll be ready! Check out the pictures from my riding at Toes a couple months ago. Thank you to all my sponsors for being patient with me as I recover.

Oct 7 2012

Hi everyone,

I should have updated status long ago and I'm sorry.  I just wanted you all to know that I broke both my tibia and fibia in my right leg on July 6 during a hard practice session (see the xray image I uploaded).

I had surgery on July 23th when they put in a plate and eight screws and I have been recovering since.

At the end of August, with my cast still on, I was put into a walking sandle with limited walking instructions.

In mid-September, I finallly got my cast off and was put into a fracture boot (again with limited walking instructions from the doc). 

Today (mid-October), I still have the fracture boot on but am increasing the walking time more every day. 

A PRO series make-up race is being held in Washougle in a few weeks so my plan is to ride that race.  Notice I said RIDE?  As much as I hate to, I have to take it easy out there but I do need to ride it because if I don't, I won't qualify for the points series.

This whole accident could not have come at a worse time as it was just as I was finishing up the 2012 2012 NORTHWEST NATIONAL MX SERIES.  Also, mom and dad had just bought me a tricked out KTM 105 and was anxious to start training and riding on that.  I'm finally at a point to where I feel as though I can get back on the saddle and ride, hopefully the doc will agree when we see him in a couple of weeks.  I can't wait until I can jump on that 105 and compete  competitvely in the Supermini, and ride and train hard.

Thanks to all my sponsors and  I'll post updates as they happen.