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Personal History

I am 21years old and am a student at Clover Park Technical College studying to become a Welder. I enjoy welding and I know this is an occupation where I can make pretty good money to support my family and my almost 2 year old.


I started riding a motorcycle when I was 3 years old when my dad and mom bought me my first bike and put training wheels on it.  It has been my passion ever since.


I started racing when I was 5.


My outside interest are welding, off-road motorcycle riding, and snowboarding.

Riding Goals

While attending the Donny Hanson Motocross Academy 4-day Motocross Camp in July 2016, my main goal is to improve in my starts and cornering. I will learn how to push hard, make the best line choice, build up endurance and speed which will make me a better overall rider.

Move up to compete on my 2015 KTM 250 in the JR and Schoolboy classes while maintaining a competitive edge.

As a competitive motocross rider, continue training to compete and remain at the top level of each of my classes after suffering a tibia/fibea break in 2012 on one leg and breaking my femur three times within a 4 month period in 2013 on the other leg.

Incorporate physical training (such as running, weightlifting, core work) and healthy eating to help me in my overall riding,

Race and practice in various local races.

Continuously strive to improve at every race while at the same time strive to attract additional sponsorships to help my dad and mom out.

Competitive Highlights

Riding yearly in the Northwest National MX Series since 2010, I’ve worked my way up through the Beginner, JR, and Intermediate classes on a KTM 85, while also competing in the Super-Mini class on a KTM105 improving my finishes each year.

1st place series championship in the 85cc Open (Beginner) and 2nd place in the 85cc Beginner classes in the 2010 NORTHWEST NATIONAL MX SERIES. This is my first year and the first series completed on the 85cc.

Attended the 2010 Dodge Amateur Nationals at age 11 and placed 26th in the 85 cc 9-12 stock class and 27th in the 85cc 9-12 mod class. This was the first time attending and I feel good about my class finishes.

1st place series championship in the 65cc age 7-11 in the 2008 TPQ three race WORCS series.