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Personal History

I have 1 little brother that also races motocross but not on dirt bikes but on quads.I spend most of my breaks from school on or working on my bikes.when racing season starts I focus on mostly racing and getting better.In the winter I play basketball but I still get time on my bike in the few winter races we do.But in the winter we mostly focus on getting the bikes ready for the up coming season.

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to place top 3 in the 2018 season.And in a few years I would like to see how id do in a nationals race and from that race go on with my motocross career.Within a couple of years id like to finish top 20 in the country at Loretta Lynn's.

Competitive Highlights

One of my competitive highlights is my 2017 season. I finished my first season which was the 2017 season  5th in points as a beginner.But i'm sure my 2018 season will be much better because I will be able to race the whole season and i'll have much more riding skills and experience.